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HomeCare Connect is the only national company in the workers’ comp industry exclusively focused on managing the quality and cost of home health care and DME and supplies. We have a single-minded mission: Deliver the highest quality and most responsive home care services for our clients.

Clinically Driven

We know the type of care seriously injured workers need, when they need it, and who's best to provide it. Our Clinical Coordinators are RNs and LPNs with a minimum of 5 years experience. And our 17,000+ provider network was hand-selected to offer every level of home health caregiver, and the most reliable and responsive equipment manufacturers and medical supply companies in the country.

Fast and Focused

We guarantee a 2-hour response to referrals (compared to the industry standard of 2 to 7 days). Our intake call center is open 24/7 — located here in the U.S.A., and staffed by our own employees (many of whom are bilingual). Within 48 hours of receiving a referral, we provide the adjuster and/or nurse case manager all the details needed to manage the claim on a granular level. Then, to ensure that proper care is received without interruptions or expensive delays, we stay connected throught the life of the claim — monitoring costs, providing detailed analyses, and adjusting treatment as needed to keep everything on track. Our care-driven approach also ensures that all Home Modification and Orthotics and Prosthetics needs are met with the same expert care in the identical timely and cost-effective manner.

Cutting-Edge Simplicity

At the heart of our ability to provide superlative care and service is the technology of CareLink — a single, scalable and secure enterprise web platform and seamlessly integrates every aspect of our business. Without requiring any additional equipment or expensive hardware overhead, it can be easily leveraged through applications like TeleConnect — the first telehealth program in the workers' comp ancillary services market that connects you virtually to injured workers and anyone involved in their cases. Instantly and effortlessly it facilitates everything from clarifying treatments to better understanding home modification needs — decisions are expedited, delivery of care is accelerated, and better outcomes are reached sooner.

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Winter Park, FL 32789

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