Your staff called 25 (!!!) facilities in a futile attempt to secure an in-home speech therapist and updated me on efforts. 25 is a pretty spectacular effort in my book.

Case Manager

Excellent presentation today! This is a great example of why HCC is a step above when referring prosthetics. The referral is not simply going to a customer service representative who has no understanding of the product and only applies their network pricing.

Claims Consultant

You all have ROCKED my claims & I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you!! Keep up the good work & I am looking forward to another great year of working with you!

Claims Adjuster

HomeCare Connect is very dependable.

Claims Examiner

HCC has gone above and beyond by providing DME, even on a rush basis, and I’ve always been notified along the way. I think HCC is great.

Claims Adjuster

I am so impressed with HCC’s customer service, you are so “on top of your game”. All referrals are addressed immediately and DME’s are delivered fast and efficient! Thank you for providing such “top notch service”.

Account Claims Representative