The workers compensation industry is scattered with ancillary service vendors who put their own interests first instead of the customer or injured worker.  Their systems are disparate, the technology they have chosen is antiquated, and their IT staff are not up to the challenge.  No matter how hard their operational teams strive for customer service excellence, they are hand-cuffed by their lack of IT systems, expertise, and leadership.



A disruptive technology that is taking the workers compensation market by surprise

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CareLink Drives Care and Communication

From our inception, HomeCare Connect has invested in the development of our own technology—CareLink—designed specifically to drive the processes that manage the care and the costs of home health services and durable medical equipment in workers’ compensation. We used the latest enterprise frameworks and cloud services to create a secure, stable, and scalable platform that smoothly integrates with customers’ systems.

Imbedded with best-practice business processes and easily leveraged by portals and mobile applications, HIPAA-compliant CareLink provides our customers and injured workers a world-class experience. Its architecture enables us to react quickly to injured workers’ needs, client requests, state regulations, and changing market conditions.

CareLink incorporates automatic data feeds for physician NPI/license numbers, state fee schedules, UCR rates, and medical supply catalogs. Automated, customer-specific rules, state regulations, streamlined workflows, and integrated communications and reporting ensure that the injured worker receives timely, appropriate care and the customer is informed of every step.

The platform features texting capabilities so injured workers can more easily communicate with us. When we first contact an injured worker, we ask if they prefer future communication via text or phone. Approximately 85% choose texts, and they can send and receive texts in English or Spanish.

CareLink automatically sends messages about the delivery of durable medical equipment or a caregiver’s arrival time and periodically texts satisfaction surveys. The injured workers who text with our Clinical Care Coordinators engage more frequently and tend to be more involved in their own care.

We also launched the workers’ compensation ancillary service industry’s first telehealth capability—TeleConnect—thanks to CareLink’s mobile features. Injured workers, their families, and home health providers can hold virtual meetings with our Clinical Care Coordinators and their treating physicians to discuss treatment. We use TeleConnect to educate injured workers, clarify treatment, monitor the use of durable medical equipment, and help amputees adjust to their prosthetics.

TeleConnect brings transparency to home modifications as claims representatives can tour the home with the contractor to better understand recommended renovations and check in on construction progress. There’s no need to download an app or use special software because TeleConnect works seamlessly with standard browsers on mobile devices and computers.

Developing innovative solutions to complex technical and business problems is one of HomeCare Connect’s core competencies. We continually enhance our technology to provide real-time transparency, accelerate response times and treatment, and deliver the best possible service to our injured workers and customers.

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