Customer Service: Somewhere Over Where?

At HomeCare Connect, we believe customer service should be handled right here at home,

not off-shore at some third-party call center. Call us anytime, and every time you will be connected immediately to an actual member of our staff — not put on hold or transferred from department to department to department. You dial one number, speak with one person, and take care of it all the first time you call.

There’s no place like HomeCare Connect. As the only national company in the workers’ compensation industry exclusively focused on managing the quality and cost of home health care and durable medical equipment, we understand the importance of impeccable customer service. It’s the cornerstone of what we call the “HomeCare Connect Difference.” And just one of the many ways our resources and experience can be put to work for you. If you’re interested, we’d love to tell you about the rest.

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