Communication, Continuity, and Cost-Containment.

Post-Acute Care Connect (PACC) saves you time and claim costs, while increasing injured worker satisfaction throughout the transition from hospital to post-acute care facility to home. We remove the work of searching for the right facility, negotiate cost-effective rates, and coordinate the entire process.

Seamless Transitions. Suitable Care.

Determining the specific needs of each injured worker to ensure appropriate care, we work directly with the facility prior to updating the injured worker, adjuster, and nurse case manager — providing updates and clinical summaries, as well as a plan of care that includes the anticipated length of stay.

Better Outcomes.

We have pre-negotiated, contracted rates with over 15,000 providers in our nationwide, proprietary network, and can negotiate daily rates with new providers as well.

Injured workers are closely monitored by experienced professionals who answer questions and assist with tasks that may seem challenging at first — problems can be identified early and treated in an outpatient setting, avoiding expensive hospital re-admittances.

Find Out What We Can Do For You.

Connect with us and discover how HomeCare Connect can contain costs without compromising catastrophic care.