Is it Time to Give Your Catastrophic Files a Checkup?

Let us review your catastrophic files to see if the services are still appropriate, or if the injured worker’s care can be stepped down. 70% of the time, we can reduce the rates and lower costs over the life of the claim.

Complex Cases Made Simple.

HomeCare Connect knows the cost drivers in catastrophic and complex claims, and how best to mitigate them. Our clinical care coordinators are experts in treating catastrophic cases, and with extensive workers’ compensation experience and advanced credentials in catastrophic case management, we readily oversee in-home assessments and evaluations, closely monitor lab work and changes in physical condition, and anticipate age and injury-related situations to avoid costly and often unnecessary hospitalizations, surgeries, or other expensive treatments. 

Clinical Oversight Without Overlooking Continuity of Care.

By staying connected with the injured worker and all other stakeholders on the claim, we avoid unpleasant surprises, and ensure that injured employees consistently receive the best possible care.


Our services include:

  • Injured Worker Home Assessments/Evaluations
  • Chronic Wound Care Management
  • Caregiver Training and Education
  • Clinical Monitoring of Labs and Treatment Efficacy
  • Cost-Containment Through Network and Repricing


Find Out What We Can Do For You.

Connect with us and discover how HomeCare Connect can contain costs without compromising catastrophic care.