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DME and Medical Supplies

HomeCare Connects delivers the right medical equipment and supplies just when the injured employee needs them. Home assessments make sure the best equipment is ordered and fittings make sure the injured workers know how it should feel and how to use it. A poorly fitting wheelchair can literally rub a person the wrong way and cause hard-to-heal wounds, prompting the need for more treatment and cost.

We have forged relationships with the most reliable and responsive equipment manufacturers and medical supply companies in the industry. Whether it’s an electric wheelchair, a bone growth stimulator or a hospital bed, we will equip your injured employee with the most appropriate and most cost-effective DME and medical supplies.

DME and medical supplies include:
  • Walkers • Canes • Crutches • Commodes • Bath Safety Equipment
  • • Wheelchairs: Standard, Custom, Electric, Scooters
  • • Bone Growth Stimulators: Exogen, EBI, Orthologic, Orthofix, Ortho Pak
  • • CPM Machines
  • • Cold Therapy
  • • Traction Equipment
  • • Hospital Beds
  • • Patient Lifts
  • • Cushions and Pillows
  • • Electro-Medical Devices: TENS Unit, Galvanic, Interferential, Muscle
  • • Orthotics and Prosthetics:Covered Throughout U.S. — All Fittings Performed by a Certified Orthotist